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Hello friends, my name is Jenita,

And welcome to Lemon & Ginger!

These 21 square miles of gorgeous, untouched, natural island land is where I was born and raised.

Our little slice of heaven we get to call home is right in the middle of Spanish Point.

Most mornings here are spent with a cup of coffee taking in a magnificent Bermuda sunrise.

And other mornings my husband George and I will opt to watch the sunrise over that brilliant turquoise blue ocean, just a few minutes walk away.

Whether you are here for a short vacation or opting to live like a local for a while longer, Lemon & Ginger is here to meet all of your lodging needs.

When you arrive, my family and I are here to greet and take care of you.

Right away you’ll receive your Welcome Book with all the information you will need about your rental and stay.

We take immense pride in keeping our island property in pristine condition. We truly believe we are one of the best Bermuda short-term rentals available.

To this day if I am walking down the street, someone will shout out to me, “Hey! Lemon & Ginger!” Sometimes it’s the littlest moments, like being recognized by our amazing locals, that make me love what I do so much.

And even though we know you will have the best experience here, we also know things can happen once in a while on vacation.

There’s nothing worse than staying at an AIRBNB where you have to suddenly interrupt your vacation and schedule 3rd party strangers to come and fix an issue.

Here at Lemon & Ginger, you are family. And in the rare event you run into a hiccup, don’t worry, I live in one of the units on the property!

You get the luxury of having your needs tended to immediately.

So whether you need help with something in your rental or you’re simply looking for a local recommendation for lunch, guest communication happens most often in person right in our yards.

Prefer to socially distance? No problem, guests also get my direct phone number in case they prefer to call us.

I truly want you to think of us like family, so please don’t be shy to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns during your stay.

I started Lemon & Ginger because I wanted to share our unique Bermuda way of life with travelers, without them feeling like a lost tourist amongst hundreds.

Because Bermuda isn’t just some destination. It is a rich culture packed with exploration, history, electric energy, and vibrant people.

And since we opened in 2016, we have hosted over 200 travelers from all around the world.

Hospitality is my God-given talent and sharing all that our beautiful island has to offer with our guests is my passion.

So what are ya waitin’ for?…

Grab a kayak and explore the reef line.

Rent a scooter and tour St. George’s.

Go cliff jumping at Admiralty House Park.

Or go for a peaceful walk atop the soft pink sand beach and take in that Bermudaful ocean view.

Whatever you decide to do, just don’t’ forget to stop at Cafe Ole’ to grab a fish sandwich…

Nah wah talkin’!

Don’t wait to experience life any longer. Come explore the incredible island of Bermuda and rest easy at Lemon & Ginger.

Come meet my family

Family is the heart of the home

My Husband George in His Element

Our Daughter G'zai

Our Daughter Geor-Dan

Our Family Dog - Tisha