Here’s a list of things you can do during the fall season.

1. Enjoy a spiny lobster 🦞 They’re in season From September 1 to March 31 

2. Consider bird 🦅  watching.  There are some awesome guided tours offered by the Bermuda Audubon Society.  Check them out here.

3.  Tour the Bermuda Diaspora Trail with Titanic Express to travel a little deeper into the island’s black history.  The link to the tour is here.

4. Visit Palm Grove Gardens on November 23, 2019 for an Open House and guided walking tours.  This is being hosted by The Garden Club of Bermuda.

5. Enjoy free guided walking tours of the Bermuda Botanical Gardens. This takes place every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday’s at 10am.  Meet at the Visitor Service Center.

6.  Visit City Hall.  There’s two beautiful galleries you shouldn’t miss.

7. Get outdoors and enjoy our traffic free Railway Trails.  Cost is free.  Comfortable clothes and shoes are a must.

8.  Visit any of our churches for a island flavored worship service.

9. Visit the Christmas Markets!  There’s one happening at Bermuda Underwater Exploration Saturday, November 17 from 10:00am - 4:00pm.

10.  Swim, that never gets old 😂

Fall in Bermuda can be very warm and cheerful.  If you’re visiting from North America you can get here quite quickly by plane.  It’s a lot of good things happening over here on our 21 square mile island.

Travel deeper and not wider is our mission when we host guest.  We want to you emerge yourself into our culture so that you leave knowing a lot more than when you came.  Hands on experience and local hosts like myself help bring about this awareness