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It's very easy to get around Bermuda by taxi. you can hire a 4 or 7 seater taxi.  All drivers are independent workers and most take credit cards or cash.  Like our houses, the cabs are colorful, not a standard yellow like you see in New York and other places. Additional information about fares and tours is available here.


Why not take a ride around on the big pink bus.!  They are air conditioned and comfortable. Our buses can take you to all of the major tourist attractions, beaches and restaurants.

Remember if you're traveling into Hamilton, look for the pink poles along the road and if you're heading away from Hamilton, look for the blue poles.

While vacationing with us, you will need to use the #4 Spanish Point bus route.  Exact fare is needed in coins, no paper money allowed.  Passes and tokens can be purchased at the Central Terminal in Hamilton, ferry terminals and visitor service centers. Click on the links for  Bus schedules and fare information.

Scooter Rental

If you want the ease of scooting around the island on your own scooter, we recommend the following cycle shops:


Elbow Beach Cycle Rental

Oleander Cycles

Hybrid Cycles

These hybrid cycles are the new buzz in town. it's a hybrid of a bike and car and they are electric. If you're looking for an alternative to the traditional two wheel scooter bikes then try these four wheel ones from Current Vehicles


The ferry is a fast and convenient option for a day trip from the City of Hamilton. The most popular route is Hamilton to Dockyard getting you there in 20 minutes.  You can also travel to St. George's from Dockyard by ferry.  Tokes, bus tickets and bus passes are also valid on the ferries and can be purchased at the ferry terminals or Central bus terminal.


Hiking in Bermuda is a very unique experience. From coastal trail hikes to city walks, one always inquires about the sidewalks. My response is always, sorry we don't have many because there is not enough landmass. Be sure to ask us about our recommended hiking trips.