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Off The Beaten Track In Bermuda

Admiralty House Park and Beach Cove

I highly recommend this park.  It’s within walking distance of Lemon and Ginger and is highly rated by all of our guest.  At the park you can swim, explore caves, cliff jump, swim through tunnels, even play tennis.

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Unfinished Church Bermuda

Bermuda’s Forts

You can find forts islandwide and I would encourage you to explore some of them.  A few of my favourites are Fort Hamilton, Alexander Battery and Fort St. Catherine.

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Bermuda Hikes, Bermuda Walks, Free Hiking Trails

Bermuda Railway Trial​​

The Railway Trails are unbelievably beautiful.  Most of them are along the coast the views will capture your so have your camera fully charged. A goood portion of the trails are reserved for foot traffic only.

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Old Town Bermuda, Quirky Streets

St. George’s Bermuda

Our first town is a must see.  Adorned with crooked streets, cobbled stones, wooden houses, great restaurants, beaches and forts.  St. George’s is home to a few UNESCO sites. Every trip to Bermuda deserves a visit to this old town.

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Ferry Boat Bermuda

Ferry Boat Ride

For $4.50 you can take the most scenic boat ride to the west side of our island.  The ferry route will take you pass some very well kept houses and coastal neighborhoods. This all takes place on a 20 minute fast ferry ride.  The route starts in Hamilton and ends in Dockyard.

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